Lighting ideas for your living room

Living room

Lighting ideas for your living room


The lighting you choose for your living room can change the ambience of the area, while also add to its level of sophistication. If you are looking for the right lighting, read on.

A good tip would be to use multiple types of lighting for different parts of your living room. This would work especially well if you have a large living room. The lighting in your living room must be distributed, in order to ensure that every part of it is illuminated.

From chandeliers, to lampshades and wall lighting, you can choose what is most appropriate for your requirements.  When it comes to chandeliers, for example, you could go for a small modern crystal one, rather than a huge traditional chandelier.

Wall sconces add character to your bedroom, and can also add symmetry to your walls. It works well to give soft lighting to your living room. They are perfect over the mantelpiece, or on either side of your sofa.

Lamp shaded can be bought in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Floor lamps are good option if you need lighting for a specific task, in an otherwise dimly-lit room. The key is to connote a sense of coziness, while also maintaining sophistication.

Living Room Lighting Ideas and designs

living room chandelier design


charming living room lighting design

chandelier design for living room

very modern and creative chandelier design

living room lighting

living room chandelier

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