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Make Your Living Room Look Bigger


We all dream of a house which is bigger and larger, not in terms of its physical dimensions, but also to accommodate all our needs and wishes. It may not be possible every time and thus, we should stop dreaming of buying a new sofa as the living room is too small to accommodate it. With our cheat tricks, we can say let us see what we can do.

Cheat tricks are nothing but few workarounds to give a bigger and better look to your living room. With these cheat tricks, these experts make optimal utilisation of available space and materials.

Let us take a look at some of these cheat tricks which can help us-


The first trick is the use of makeshift and multi-purpose furniture, best example are wall mounted dining tables, sofa-cum-bed or latest in trend sofa-cum-storage space.

Elevated furniture which can occupy the corners would make more space for movement, thus, giving your living room, a bigger look.

Colour Scheme

small living room

The colour scheme plays an important role in providing big and fresh look to the room. So while painting the walls of your living room, just choose to keep your walls, in a single colour. The single colour which has a corresponding effect of the flooring could provide a wider look to your living room.

Use of Proper Lights

As like colour schemes, the placements of lights and shades would also be vital. Make use of wall cut outs to place the lightings, if need be, use colourful hangings. Use of mirrors or other reflecting materials, next to the lights will reflect the light and provide a wider look to the room.

Use of wall mounts for Small Living Rooms

small living room designed with wall mounted TV

All of us want to decorate our living rooms with decorative items. Our cheat trick for decoration would be to keep the floor space free. Buy decorative which could be hanged easily and don’t come out of the wall.

Small Living Room Design Ideas

small living room decorating small living room design small soft living room soft colored small living room well decorated small living room white colored small living room design white small living room design blue small living room design modern small living room small flat living room design

These are few of the cheat tricks which can help you get more space in your existing living room.You can also surf the Internet to get more ideas on space utilisation.


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