Summer House Rustic Living Room Design

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Summer House Rustic Living Room Design


It feels really nice when winters are finally over and you can open your lovely summer house again. One of the first thoughts you might have is that your summer house living room requires re-designing. ‘Summer houses’ a tad different; you want a living room there which would make you as much comfortable as you are at home, but only so much so that you can also feel encouraged to go out in the warm breeze and go for a long walk on the beach, instead of just staying indoors.

Whether you are a frequent visitor for this place or you are going to use this place, just on the weekends, the living room stays an important space and rustic furniture would be just the perfect choice for it. This is the room where you will be spending most of your time when you are not out on the beach.

Other than using rustic furniture, you can decorate your walls with bead boards. This gives your summer house a cottage like look. A summer house should be decorated in such a way that it gives you the feeling of being outside, at the beach, even when you are stuck inside on a rainy day. Stark white, field green or sly-blue colors compliment the rustic furniture and can help create such a look and feel for your summer house living room.

You can also use other small knick-knacks from the beaches which compliment your chosen color and furniture, in this case, rustic furniture. Seashells are an amazing piece of decoration when you are trying to create an illusion of the ocean and the beach inside your living rom. Seashells can also be used as a tray for keeping candles. You can even place some plants, real as well as fake, depending upon your choice to add a little greenery to your summer house living room.

A living room can be an amazing place to relax in your home as well as in your summer house. You take your guests to this room and most of the family members spend their time in living room chit-chatting, watching TV or listening to music and bond with each other. A well thought design for your living room can work wonders.

Rustic Living Room Designs


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