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Red in White Lovers in a Living Room


Home is our #1 place to live. Therefore most of us like to arrange it in best of our choice. There are diverse set of choices and ideas in each of us. Therefore one style won’t match for all of us. Below are some ideas for Red in White lovers.

Before you select your furniture, first arrange the living room environment to match the red furniture you are hoping to have.

  • All the walls of the living room would be painted in a white shade.

  • There can be long windows from the floor up until 8 feet tall, or you can have glass walls in two or three sides of your living room.

  • Normally living room focus your garden, arrange such a nice garden to give a full natural view to your Living room.

  • Then the Comfy Red Sofa (a large one to accommodate seating capacity for at least ten visitors.

  • Its better the floor also have white shading.

  • A Rug in red and white mix pattern or a gray color.
  • If you are a reading lover a Book Cabinet fixed to the back wall behind the sofa, and its color also should be red.
  • Glass top Red Sofa Stool also could be added.
  • A Large Smart TV (Normally comes in black frame) could be fixed to a Red or Gray Backdrop.
  • Red Lamp Shades would be there right around the living room, about 4 or 8 depends on the size of the room.
  • There could be Glass / Red Ceiling Lamp Shades.
  • If you are going for curtains select White Lace for Sheer Curtain behind the Red/White mix patterned curtain as the front block out curtain.
  • If you need any pictures or photos to be hanged on your white wall, make sure the Photo Frames are in red in color.

Red gives you a romantic feeling, suits for newly married couples when they arrange their dream homes. Red is the symbol of love. Therefore have all the red furniture in a glass, white and gray background. Make sure you don’t mix any other color like brown (not even to the floor) blue or any other color which does not do with Red.

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