How to go about renovating a living room?

Living room

How to go about renovating a living room?


Renovation, the term would get a mix response- exciting & tiring, which is true, to a great extent. The excitement would be getting a new look, but tiring because of the homework which you have to do. One thing which can save the later part could be giving it to a professional, to get the work done. However, how many of us would be satisfied with what the professional has to offer, after all, it is our living room and should be decorated, as per our taste.

So, here we have tried to put certain things in place to help you with some homework, before starting with the renovation:

  • Almost everything which will be placed in your living room should either match or be in contrast, like wall colour, furniture, curtains, rugs etc. The first important task would be to finalise what would act as the deciding factor for the other.

Most of the time the prime decider are the wall colours;the rest of the things are purchased based on the colors of the wall.

  • Do not go for bulky or fluffy furniture; instead settle for easy to move, light but durable furnitures, which are easily available in the market

  • Get rid of all extra stuff or if something is too close to your heart, try to find another place to keep it safe. It might not gel up properly with the new look of your living room and thus, needs to be moved away.
  • Renovation doesn’t mean you have to throw out everything old; there is always a chance to accommodate few of the things. This way, you can keep few memories and at the same time, save some extra amount

  • While undertaking renovation, it is important to take into a look into the accounts i.e. your budget and the expected expense. It would help you decide what all changes you can accommodate.

Renovation, is not a challenge till the time you are clear in your thoughts what exactly you are looking for. You can also take the help of a profession for renovation, if you are facing any difficulty.


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