Living room

Living Room – Your First Impression, Make It Perfect


Your living room is the first impression of your house and thus, it is of utmost importance. It is the place where you host your parties, it has been a silent witness to many of your gossip sessions and some serious business meetings also. It plays so many roles in your life that one cannot neglect the importance of this room.

Let us discuss here some of the tips which would help giving your living room, a better look.

  • Use bold colors in one of the walls of the room, this would give a rich look to your living room. Use a slightly darker shade of the color from the other wall, Alcoves could turn out to be the perfect place to put the color and feel the difference. You may not feel the need to place expensive decorative, the splash of color has solved the purpose.

living room color ideas

bold living room color

  • Just place some fluffy and colorful cushions and pillows, to give the comfortable look to your furniture. Just make sure to sync or contrast the pillow and cushion covers to brighten up the room.

colorful cushions living room design

colorful pillows for living room seats

  • Roll out a nice quality carpet, it would add up to the beauty of the room. Put something which matches the other things in the room, it should not look as if it is placed just to cover the space.

living room design with yellow carpet

stylish living room design with gray carpet

  • To give that personal touch to your room, add your family photographs. The latest in trend is highlighting your family outings- those happy moments. It not only adds to the positivity of the room, but also provides you with a chance to share your experiences.

living room family photographs

  • Place a nice decorative lamp shade; it could be in any form to look attractive and at the same time, mix up with the rest of the furniture. Try a sculpture with a light point or some pot with light option.

living room lighting shades

  • A natural effect could add up to the beauty of your living room, it could be few indoor plants or just a water fountain.

living room indoor plants

living room decorating ideas with plants

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