Enthusiastic Orange Color

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Enthusiastic Orange Color


Orange is combination of red and yellow which are warm and bright colors. It represent the sun, fire flames, gives one a warm and tropical feeling. According to psychologist this color increases oxygen supply to the brain hence stimulating ones mental activities. It is mostly associated with being youthful and gives one the emotional strength to carry on especially during hard times. The color orange is associated being energetic, extroverted, jovial, sociable and lively. It’s the most ideal color for areas where there is physicalactivities in the house e.g. the home gym. Some ideas on how to incorporate orange in your gym are

Through the Gym equipment’s

Most gym equipments have leather and plastic when purchasing the equipment you can choose ones that have orange highlight to help you feel energized while exercising.

Livening up the spaces

Spaces like the storage cabin areas, the mats and the exercise ball can be kept warm and lively by having them orange in color. This will encourage you to spend more time in the gym and it brightens your gym.

Using mirrors

Mirrors are very important for your gym they make you see if there is any physical improvement as a result of your exercise and at the same time it helps you maintain the right posture when you are exercising. You can add orange framed mirrors to your gym because they add warmth to your gym and gives you an inviting atmosphere when going to the gym.


Fans and auto air fresheners

Nothing is grosser than a gym that is not well ventilated. It kills the exercising spirit and this can be improved by installing orange fans to control the air circulation in the room and also the wall mounted automatic air fresheners can be orange in color to add glamour to your gym and at the same time give you the enthusiasm to keep exercising.

Third wall paining and decoration

No one wants to stare at a blank wall while in the gym add color by painting one wall bright orange. You can also add orange pictures, motivational posters and fitness related instructions to make the room more attractive and educative.

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