Choosing your living room floor

Living room

Choosing your living room floor


Here are a few tips on choosing flooring for your living room.

You would need to measure the floor area of your living room to come up with a budget. How much are you willing to spend for the flooring for that area? This will help you pick flooring that isn’t too costly

How much of traffic do you usually y have in your living room? Do you have children? Do you have pets? These are considerations to take into account when thinking about how long your flooring will last. Flooring is a long term investment, but some types of flooring may have to be replaced after some years. This is the case with carpeting, for instance. Stone and tile floors, on the other hand, are two types of flooring that are highly durable.

If you wish to install a heating system under the floor, again not all types of flooring would suit this purpose. You would need to speak to a contractor that can do your heating installation, to find out what type of flooring would be most suitable. Wood floors are known to be the best for this purpose.

Then determine whether you wish to go for wooden flooring, concrete, marble, stone or carpet.

When choosing the color of your flooring, go for something of a lighter shade, as this will make the area look bigger.

Photos of living room floors

light living room floor

flooring for living room


floor idea for living room

floor design idea for living room

living room floor


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