Ideas for Ideal Wall Hangings

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Ideas for Ideal Wall Hangings


Art work has become one of the leading income generating professionals across the world. One piece of art can be very expensive but to art fanatics it’s a way of expressing themselves. It defines them and gives them the satisfaction they need. As much as a piece of art may be fulfilling it may not be the right art work for your interior may be because of the message it sends and specifically it may be because of the color.

Decorating a given space with a wall hanging should be done in such a way that it kills monotony and this can be done by mixing small and large wall hangings. When choosing it’s important to know if the wall hanging works for a particular space or not. Some of the ways to ensure your wall hanging becomes part of your interior include:

Location for Placing the Wall Hanging

If the area that requires a wall hanging is large e.g.the dining and living room large wall hangings would be ideal and the themes should be strong. Bedroom painting/wall-hanging can be personalizedsince its one area that allows you tobe yourself. Bathrooms need paintings that are water sensitive and kitchens need pictures that are heat and smell resistant. The hangingsshould not be ceiling high large or too small.


Room dimensions

the size of the room is one of the factors that can influence the type of wall hanging to be placed in the room. When it comes to wall hanging no size is perfect for a given rooms and what look great in someone else’s house may look horrible in your own house. When choosing a wall hanging follow the golden ratio for a photo(length 1.6 times the width and proportional to the biggest piece if placed together.)

The Colour and Style

depending on the style and colour scheme of other items in the house such as furniture and wall painting, choose wall painting that blend with the theme of your house and should not have dull colours unless the wall is brightly painted.

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