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Tips to Make your Small Room Appealing


Decorating a small room can be as much fun as decorating a more spacious one. While it can be challenging to transform a tiny space, it also offers the opportunity to experiment with different patterns, designs and colors in one area.

Color should be your first consideration when decorating any small room. When you get the color aspect right, everything else falls into place.

small flat color

small flat painting

red and gray colored small apartment

red and gray colored small apartment

Ensure that at least two of the major furnishings in the rooms are matching in color. This could be the walls and seats in the living room, the curtains and bed linings in the bedroom or counter-tops and drapes in the kitchen. This creates a streamlined look and allows the eye to roam the room without breaking contact.

pink sofa in the small flat

Use as many bright colors as possible. You can use these in uni-color or mix and match them as you like. Contrasting colors and different shades of the same hue work just as well. You may also combine dark colors with softer ones. Either one of these can be the dominant hue; it will all depend on the particular shade you choose and how you mix up the colors.

bright colored small house

bright blue small apartment

bright yellow small flat

Capitalize on the power of patterns to create an interesting mish-mash of patterns. Both small and large patterns are equally good. The rule is to stick to one or two patterns at most so that the look you create is not too busy.

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