Lighting Solutions for Every Tiny Space

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Lighting Solutions for Every Tiny Space


Getting the lighting right in any room makes everything else about the room fall into place. A well decorated but poorly lit room can look awful under the glare of the faintest light.

For your textures and accessories to stand out, ensure that there is adequate light in every corner of your small space. Where to place the lighting fixture is just as important as the kind of lighting to use.

Use as much natural light as possible to bring out the true beauty in your accents. If you can only get minimal natural light or none at all, then maximize on artificial lighting to achieve a near-natural look.

Avoid shadows by all means. This you can easily do by using a row of lamps or sconces to light up the entire length of the room. You can also achieve this by mounting a large pendant on a mirrored wall, which then reflects light back into the room.

Take note of areas that require more lighting than others and use the appropriate lighting for these, for instance, under shelves, on the kitchen working area, above the dresser or on the bedside table.

It is perfectly in order to use more than one light source to create the desired effect. A small table or wall lamp appropriately placed will complement a huge pendant hanging from the ceiling and accentuate your work space.

Lighting Ideas for Small Apartments

small bedroom lighting


white small bedroom creative lighting idea


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