Using Textures and Prints for Small Space

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Using Textures and Prints for Small Space


If you want to go bohemian for small spaces, you can do it smartly. Use prints and textures in multicolours that have an intensity of cool colours such as blues, green, and violets. Avoid textures that have a large concentration of bright colours. You can use metallic colours as well, but in subtlety. If you have textured wall in cool prints that are not too narrowly spaced, you can use metallic colours in the form of décor items such as vases, beaded danglers, etc.

Types of textures and prints for small space

Use artwork that is urban and geometrical. Avoid tribal motifs, or designs that have landscapes, or any realistic design. Pencil art or pop art in one or two frames looks great. Avoid murals, oil painting wall décor, or anything that is too creative or artistic. The theme of art that you want to use must be a blend of urban and rustic to create a contrast.

You can have an eco-friendly, rustic furniture in this space. The raw and earthy look with rugged texture, looks artistic as well as commonplace. Avoid using metal furniture as much as possible. In small spaces use furniture and items made of acrylic, fibre, and wood.

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