Small Space

Arrange the Room to Expand It


Many times we get by with the same furniture arrangement in our small living space year after year because we have grown comfortable with it. We are scared of moving things around and disturbing the serenity which often makes us forget just how small our rooms are.

Perhaps the large sofa in the middle of the room is the pride of your living room. Or it could be the large dining table which you somehow managed to squeeze into your apartment. Whatever furniture you’re using in the room, placing it in a different way can drastically change how your room looks like.

Start with your sofas. Move them to just inches from the wall and enjoy more space in the middle of the room. This little move will make your living room appear bigger. You can also move your coffee tables to the walls, placing them next to each other to create an illusion of continuity. If you find the space between your sofas to be too big and rather empty-looking, place one small coffee table at the middle to break the monotony. If you have several armchairs, do not spread them across the room. Rather, arrange them in a central area, such that they form a ‘seating zone’ of their own.

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