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Free Up Floor Space in these Easy Steps

Decorating a small room is near-impossible when there is too much stuff in the room. Once you free up floor space, the room’s make-over is impressive. When one walks through the door, they should be able to see every corner of the room, and the fewer items you have in the room, the easier it is for the eye to travel across the space.

This will be hard to achieve when every inch of space is covered in item after item. Work round this hurdle by keeping your furniture at the bare minimum. One sofa, a coffee table, the odd display table and a couple of armchairs are far better than many chairs and tables placed around the room. It is a principle that applies across all rooms, whether the living room, kitchen, bedroom or work station.

Where possible, fit sliding doors. This applies both to doors leading to the room and closets. With the doors sliding open and close, the area around the doors is free for your use, which is not the case with swinging doors. It also helps to eliminate heavy furniture from the room; this type of furniture tends to fill up a room. Raised furniture is preferable to low furniture too as the latter swallows up space, so use plenty of this.

Fun Shapes for Every Weeny Space

It may not be practical to have a long, corner sofa in your living room. But what about a custom made seat that curves at the edges or takes a semi-circle shape?

This is just one example of how you can enjoy using the furniture you love in your home, even when you do not have the luxury of a spacious house. You may have to bid goodbye to the square and rectangular pieces of furniture on sale, but this does not mean that your furniture cannot be just as elegant or trendy. Round, oval and abstract shapes are ideal for small spaces and will help you decorate your home or office without looking like you tried too much.

For a small conference small and round table will fit in better than a long, oblong one. The same goes for a small dining room. With a round dining table, you will be able to sit as many as eight people at the meal comfortably. For the children’s room, shop for beds made in abstract shapes. A bed that takes the form of Mickey Mouse or a puppy will likely be a better fit in a small kid’s bedroom.

Keep your eyes open for these when shopping for furniture. Better yet, have them custom made for you at your favorite furniture store. One great thing about buying customized furniture is that you get it in colors and textures of your choice.

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