Ethnic Interior Design Ideas

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Ethnic Interior Design Ideas


It makes you feel bored to be in the same living room for your entire life. It will feel better to arrive at a Mexican home or an elegant Asian room or a well-endowed Scandinavian room, while returning from home. The problem is we don’t have enough time and money to visit a few countries for tea time. So it is better to design our home according to the ethnicity, we would love to see in our house. Coming to Asian style, they have a lot of varieties in interior designing. Indians use fabric rugs while the Chinese use wood based bamboo curtains.

If Asian designing is what you seek, the options you have for ethnic interior designing is try fabric curtains, wool bedspreads, lanterns instead of bed lamps, greenish or brownish color scheme painting. When it comes to ethnic interior designing, Scandinavia leads our minds. Their design tricks can be achieved by using the color palette to mirror, wood photo frames, full wooden finish, conventional rest chairs. Colors can be chosen from blue to pink range. Nobody can forget Mexico when it comes to ethnic interior designing as their ways can never be related to anyone else’s.

Have a blast of curved arches in doorways, few bookshelves, a stepped up closet, wooden varnished doors and windows. If some fancy tribal thing runs in your mind, settle down with the African style of ethnic interior designing. Incorporate every wooden furniture and hide up all the techy stuff. Use bamboo or teak finish railings and designer doors. Add a lot of leafy green color scheme to the plain works. If none of the above design schemes help you much try out the salty Moroccan scheme of ethnic interior designing. Moroccan style uses a lot of jewelry or bold patterns which makes even the slightest mistake stand out. Try out turquoise and beige in your color palette while bring out the glossy stones at flooring. Plain simple furniture would do the trick, but make a difference by adding a leather touch or velvet cushions on couches and chairs. If none of the above is your pick, use all of the above. Step into an Asian kitchen, have tea in a Moroccan living room, dine at African dining hall sleep at a Mexican bedroom. The choice is yours.

Ethnic Interior Design Ideas


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ethnic interior design ideas

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