Feel Royal with Purple Interior

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Feel Royal with Purple Interior


The color purple is associated with royalty and in an artistic color that bring in a sense of wisdom, wistfulness and wilderness. It is acolor associated with wealth, denotes active imaginations and deep thoughts. It gives a given area a bohemian touch, metaphysical and sophisticated feel all at the same time. It elicits a deep calm feeling and gives one a sense of meaning to the world. It comes in various shades that evokeserenity and thoughtfulness. Some key areas where purple is ideal for interior designs are:

In the bedroom – purple is a color with strong vibration that gives one positive energy especially in the bedroom. This makes it an ideal color for the bedroom because a bedroom is a place where one winds down there brain at night. In the bedroom purple can also be used on the lighting. It will give the romantic and wildly mood which may be required from time to time in the bedroom.

In the bathroom – the bathroom is a place where deep profundity occurs in our minds and the addiction that comes with color purple makes it an ideal color for the bathroom. When purple is toned down with white or off white it gives one the Cossy and comfortable feeling.

In the kitchen –when purple is toned with lavenderit adds a touch of cool and calm feeling. In the kitchen purple can be felt through the rugs, dish towels, table cloths,mats, chairs and table. Fresh purple flowers and house plants help adorn the beauty of the kitchen area.


In the living room – purple for the living room communicates confidence, being sophisticated and someone of class. It gives the dash of daring into your living room and emphasis on your delicate opinion towards cleanliness. Having light purple seats, royal purple curtains and various shades of purple in your living room reflect your daring side with colors, your boldness and dominance with color

Experiment with color purple and see the courage in you through your interior design. Don’t be afraid feel the royalty and wealth in you through your interior.

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