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Ideas for Making the Hallway Eye-catching and Multifunctional


When you do not have much room to spare, every inch of space available in the house becomes a valuable treasure.

The hallway is an often overlooked area, yet it is the one area in your house that can be aptly used for different functions. Your hallway can be the place you go to relax on a lazy afternoon.

Simply place a chaise lounge and/or rocking chair in it and you are set. It will also serve as additional seating space when you place a long sofa in it. Maximize the amount of light hitting the hallway by using an overhead strip of glass or one of those translucent roofing sheets that let in lots of light. This works perfectly if the area around the hallway is not a storey.

Turn your hallway into a display using a table, stand or shelving. It can be the area where you place your framed photos, trophies, collectibles and other artwork. Use adjustable shelves and stands to vary the height of your display and with careful arrangement, make an interesting design with your stands.

The new beauty of your hallway will warm the heart of everyone who walks through your door. A shoe rack strategically placed in the hallway can hold some of your shoes when there’s not enough room in the bedroom to keep all your shoes.

Hallway Designs

hallway decor with chair

hallway decor

hallway design with shelves

hallway design with shelves

hallway with rug


big hallway design