Interesting Alternatives to Carpets

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Interesting Alternatives to Carpets


For many generations now, carpets have been one of the main interior fabrics used as internal décor in our homes. Personally from childhood I didn’t like carpets because of the allergies I got from carpet fabric and dust. Over the years, other environmental friendly and healthy alternatives have been made available for use. These alternatives are:


Over the years tiles have been designed in various patterns and using ceramic and glass materials. These tiles come in different colors, shapes and sizes and are used on walls as well as floors. Tiles are nontoxic, easy to clean hence resistant to stain and mold making them an ideal option for people who can’t stand carpets. Tiles if well maintained can last years making them a cheap alternative because they give good service.

minimalist tile floor

Wool made carpet

Wool is a natural material that can be spun to thread and dyed to a color that one desires. They are non-toxic but very expensive however they are available in stores and are a healthy option worth your cost. Wool made carpets are also more durable than the manmade carpets.

Wool made carpet design

Linoleum flooring

Linoleum is created from nontoxic bled of tree resin, ground limestone, pigment, jute and blend of linseed oil. It has antimicrobial properties and as the linseed oil contained in the linoleum breaks, it kills all microbes on the floor making it an ideal solution to people with allergies and weak immune systems. This alternative is also fire retardant and the floor can be cleaned whenever it is dirty.


Cork floor

This is flooring made from the bark of cork oak tree. This is a good alternative for people who are carpet intolerant and it environmentally friendly since the bark of the oak tree regenerates every 3 years. These flooring is durable, can last for over 10 years and is resistant to microbes making a healthy option to carpets. The floor can be waxed and varnished making it easy to maintain and affordable.

kitchen cork flooring ideas

For healthy interior free from allergies think of making your floor interior from any of the above alternatives.

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