Lighting Ideas For your Interior

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Lighting Ideas For your Interior


Right from the beginning, after creation of heaven and earth God saw the need to have light because there was complete darkness.  From then to date light has been a basic need to mankind and we cannot do without light.  It is therefore very important for one to know the various types of lights that illuminate the beauty of your house interior. There are various types of lighting that can be used for a house interior. In order to come up with a decorative lighting there need to combine general, accent and task lighting. These lightings are described further below:

General lighting

This lighting can be in the form of up light which illuminates  towards the ceiling e.g. wall sconces or down-lights is illuminating from the ceiling such as track lights. Floor and table lamps can serve as both up and down lights due to the ability of the light/ reflect towards the ceiling and floor.

Work/ Task lighting

These lights in most cases are at least 3 times brighter than the general lighting. This light makes small areas appear brighter than normal size. Avoid using very bright light and dime lite rooms as it cause eye strain instead consider using higher light per watt bulbs on various fixtures and increase the fixtures in order to reduce the likelihood of eyestrain. Examples of task lighting ate track lighting, pendants, and lamps for table and floors and under cabinet lighting strips.


Accent lighting

This lighting gives your precious and valuable objects, sculptures architectural features and paintings brilliant shimmer that makes it brighter and to stand out. This lighting should be placed in such a way that it does not block your line of sight.

No specific light is ideal for the whole house interior decoration but if all the lightings are merged in different areas it gives an overall feeling of serenity or playfulness while at the same time magnifies the shape, texture and areas that needs to be emphasized on it is hence vital that you get proper lighting for each areas when it comes to your interior lighting.

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