3 Brilliant Shoe Storage Areas

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3 Brilliant Shoe Storage Areas


Shoes are a woman’s best friend and in most cases women have several pairs of shoes worn and others just kept in the archives. In most cases, the space allocated for storing shoes is never enough. It’s therefore important to try and create enough space while doing your interior.

A house may be well designed but little to no sufficient space is allocated for your shoes storage. Nothing can be more disturbing like misplacing one side of a pair of shoes especially if it was the only pair that complements your dressing. It is important to ensure that there is good storage for your shoes.


On the other hand if the shoe storage is inbuilt in the closet it may occupy a lot of space. There are other options that are economic and still enhance the beauty of your home interior and these include:

  1. Plastic PVC pipes – PVC pipes can be cut and stuck on the wall and used to store shoes. The pipes can also have silver stainless steel, bedazzled or colorless covers. The reason why PVC pipes should be used is because the pipes come in various colors and hence if you have shoes of different colors you can place them in different PVC pipes as per the color of the shoes. This makes your house artistic while at the same time you have a storage area for your shoes.

  2. Stair case storage – when doing interior for your house you can create drawers on each staircase so that the space is used to store shoes. This is an ideal design for people in studio apartments due to the limited space

  3. End wall shoe storage – if you have limited space, using one wall as a storage area for your shoes is also another option to creating an inbuilt shoe storage area.

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