5 tips for a sophisticated living room

Living room

5 tips for a sophisticated living room


A sophisticated living room is one that boasts elegance and class. They are often formal settings that exude luxury. Even the most boring living room can be transformed into a modern and sophisticated one with a few tweaks. We give you 5 tips to help you make your dream of a sophisticated living room come true.

1) To achieve a sophisticated living room look, you don’t have to always go for neutral colors. You can opt for more vibrant shaded such as maroon, deep purple, olive green or royal blue. These colors are rich and formal, and add elegance to any space. If you do opt for the classic look with colors like cream, brow or white, accessories can reinforce the color of the furniture and add some color to the living room.

olive green design

deep purple living room design

royal blue design

2) Use mirrored furniture and mirror for your walls, in an attempt to reflect light. This will also add sophistication to your living room.

mirror for your walls

3) Choose furniture in simple designs. Furniture that is too fussy tends to take away from the class of the room.

simple furniture for living room design

4) To bring opulence to your living room, play with lighting. You can add a chandelier to the ceiling for ultimate class, or try other modern forms of lighting such as wall sconces and floor lights.

living room design with great chandelier

5) Use contrasting colors and textures for drapes and other fabric furnishings.


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