5 ways to decorate your living room for Christmas

Living room

5 ways to decorate your living room for Christmas


Festive decor during Christmas is always essential to set the mood for the holidays. Your living room is where you would gather with family and spend hours, eating, sharing jokes, talking and playing games. With Christmas around the corner, we bring you fun and creative ways to decorate your living room for that happy time of year.

1) Every household gets themselves a Christmas tree. The lighting used to decorate the Christmas tree, in addition to the colorful ornaments completely lighten up the living room. Choose the height and size of your Christmas tree carefully so as to ensue it doesn’t overwhelm your living room. Try décor that is non-traditional and fun.

christmas tree

2) Go for uncommon colors. Christmas isn’t always about red and white. Be bold enough to try other bright colors like blues, greens, yellows and even purple. Add cushions in these colors to your couch, and perk up your living room further by placing similar colored ornaments on the surface of your mantelpiece, tables and even the floor!

green living room design for christmas

3) Play with fabrics for your curtain drapes, cushions and upholstered furniture. Use a mixture of different colored and textured fabrics to make your room look cozy.

textured fabrics curtain and furniture

4) Replace your Christmas wreath with a more modern version, incorporating twigs and ferns and other greenery to form any shape.

christmas wreath – twigs and ferns

5) Add candles. Place candles in different corners of your room or on shelves if you will have children running about. This adds to the softness of your room and also keeps you warm on cold winter days during Christmas.

living room decoration with candles

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  1. George Clup

    December 14, 2014 at 11:19 pm

    this year i did’nt festive my house for christmas. I just looking pictures :( what a shame..

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