How to feng shui your living room

Living room

How to feng shui your living room


The main objective of feng shui is to bring balance, serenity and calm to a living space. This is an essential aspect to have of any house, especially in your bedroom and living room. If you are looking to feng shui your living room, allow us to provide you with a few pointers.

A clean living room, that is organized and free of all clutter is essential for feng shui. Once order has been achieved, you can proceed to use different items to bring positive energy to the living room.

Plants :Green plants are known to bring with them wealth and recognition. Choose plants that are lush and make sure they are natural. These plants are best placed in the corners of your room.

white living room feng shui design with plants

Furniture :Do not over crowd your room with furniture, as this could block the flow of Chi. When this happens, problems occur within the family. Therefore, always ensure that you have minimal furniture and arrange them against walls, with empty space in the center.

feng shui living room furniture

feng shui living room furniture

Mirror : In order to add more depth to your living, add a mirror.  Place the mirror in such a way that it reflects nature.

feng shui living room with mirror

feng shui living room with mirror

Fountain : Adding a water feature to your living room is also a part of the ancient Chinese practice, as it is a symbol of abundance. This can be a small water fountain placed in the south east, south west or north of your living room, as these are known to be your ‘wealth corners’.

living room fountain


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