Tricks for decorating small living rooms

Living room

Tricks for decorating small living rooms


If you think your living room looks to small, and would like to make it appear bigger, we have some easy tricks for you to achieve this illusion.

Do not clutter your living room with too much furniture. Choose a small love seat or a chaise, as opposed to a sofa, as these allow for more space. Then proceed to get yourself a coffee table. Once you have placed these items in your living room, think about what else you can add based on the amount of space you have left.

chaise for small living room decorating

Use glass coffee tables and side tables instead of ones that are made out of wood. The fact that they are transparent will prevent your living room from looking cluttered.

glass coffee table for small living room


For your walls and flooring, choose colors that are soft. This will instantly make your room look bigger. Ensure that when you paint your walls, the color continues into the ceiling.  It is best to carry on with light colors even with your drapes and rugs.

light small living room design

Mirrors reflect light and therefore give the illusion of a larger room. You can choose from many types of shapes and sizes. Try not to get one that is too big as it may take up an entire wall.

small living room mirror

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    November 11, 2014 at 2:26 am

    what a great ideas for a small living rooms

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