Making your living room child-friendly

Living room

Making your living room child-friendly


If you have children, you would want to ensure your living room caters to them as well, so that you don’t have trouble with regard to safety and cleanliness.

Children are likely to draw and paint on walls. This is why it is important to pain your walls with washable paint so that you can simply clean up the walls with a wet cloth. Chalkboard paint is another fabulous option to use, especially if your living room is going to be used as a family. This type of paints come in different colors and finishes to math your living room furnishings.

washable living room paint

Choose leather couches than fabric or wooden furniture. This ensures that you can clean up after your children easily, and the furniture will not get stained with food, paint, and so on. Make sure you don’t have white furniture as this too can lose its color easily.

wooden furniture for living room

Stow away cords in a safe place. You don’t want your children playing with the cords on tripping on them. Also secure all your electrical sockets with a safety cover when not in use.

living room safety

Choose décor and accessories that are bright and cheerful. Put up fun pictures and family photographs on the wall. Make allowance for putting up your children’s drawings up on the walls as well.

family photo in the living room

Storage is important for a child friendly living room, as you weld have to put aside your child’s toys, books, crayons and other items.

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