Revamp your living room on a budget

Living room

Revamp your living room on a budget


If you are on a budget and wish to change the look of your living room, don’t worry too much. There are plenty of easy and cost-effective ways to add sophistication and class to your living room.

Furniture can be purchased at closeout stores or discount stores. You can reupholster them if required, or do a little bit of DIY to restore the quality of the furniture. Similarly, you can also change the way your wooden furniture looks by painting them in colors such as grey, white or pale blue. This will give your living room a modern twist.

wooden living room furniture diy project – Image Source thehomesihavemade

The fabric for drapes and upholstery can be purchased at a thrift store. You can also mix and match fabrics that you own, in different print and textures to create mismatched throw pillows for your sofa.

making sofa with fabrics

Photographs, picture frames, vases and ornaments too can be purchased at thrift stores. This will accentuate your living room further. You can choose to play around with what you buy by repainting the ornaments, reframing the photographs and adding some bling to your vases.

diy for old picture frames

Walls most definitely change the ambience of a room. You can buy wallpaper from your local store for this, or simply paint your walls by adding different patterns and accents.

living room wallpaper

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    March 27, 2019 at 7:44 am

    I love the frames how you arrange it and also the organizer it looks beautiful and very useful. Thank you for sharing your designs.

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