Thrift store shopping for your living room

Living room

Thrift store shopping for your living room


Thrift store shopping is the easiest way to find reasonable items with which you can decorate your living room. Even if you have no issues with splurging, it’s always fun to go into a thrift store and find unique pieces that can be used to spruce up your living area.

Upholstered armchairs and futons can be easily found in most thrift stores. While most may be in good condition, you can always repaint them in interesting colors like pale blue or gray and can reupholster the furniture if required.

Upholstered armchairs

You are also sure to find lamps in abundance. You can spray paint the stand and buy a new shade to give the thrifted lamp a whole new look!

lamps before – after

If you are looking for cheap mirrors and artwork from different time periods, thrifting is what you need to try. While the color of the frame and the glass itself, in the case of a mirror, can be changed, keep in mind to look for interesting designs and shapes.

artworks on the living room wall

artworks on the living room wall

From vases to ornaments and other accessories, you are sure to find plenty of items that you can transform. They come in all shapes, colors and sizes from porcelain to glass to iron.

vase before after

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    Gorgeous ideas for living room thanks. ps: actually these ideas can use for every room =P

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