Tips on choosing a chandelier for your living room

Living room

Tips on choosing a chandelier for your living room


Chandeliers are a classic must-have for any living room. Not every chandelier will go with every living room setting however, and you would therefore need to choose the right chandelier based on several factors.

Size : How big a chandelier do you need? While large chandeliers look beautiful and add a touch of luxury to a room, it is not practical, as you need to maintain it well. You would need to choose the size of the chandelier based on the dimensions of your living room. Since a chandelier is typically placed in the centre of a room, look for the right diameter and height.  Also take into account the height of your ceiling.

living room design with chandelier

Type of chandelier : Chandeliers now come in a variety of different types. No longer are they restricted to crystals. Choose a chandelier that will go with the style and theme of your room. You can choose from copper and iron chandeliers, to chandeliers that come with shades, chandeliers with a glass finish, and so on. If you want a modern look, go for something simple and structured, and one that isn’t too fussy. If, on the other hand, your main aim is luxury, then choose one with lots of ornaments.

iron chandelier

Color :This would again depends on the furnishings of your room.

chandelier design for living room

Lighting : Keep in mind that most chandeliers have adjustable lighting and can be dimmed when required.

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