Organize your living room

Living room

Organize your living room


Wondering how to organize your living room? Here are a few tips.

No one loves tangled cables. But this is a sad reality for many of us; cables lying on the floor, causing us to trip often, and mostly being an eye sore. Use a wire dispenser or cordlet to keep your cables neat and out of the way


Get shelves. The use of shelves cannot be enumerated. Get shelving that is versatile and can be changed around according to your needs. Choose ones that can be mounted on your wall, as they save space, as opposed to large shelving units.

living room shelves

shelves for living room organize

Get yourself storage boxes. These boxes need not be large. Simply place them around the living room to save small items that can get lost easily, such as coins. These are invaluable if you have children and they often leave their toys lying around.

storage box

If you read newspapers and magazines, make sure they can be out away after you’re done with them. Allocate some space for either stacking them or get yourself a magazine stand.

magazine stand for living room

If you watch TV in your living room, allocate an area for your entertainment center. Make sure you have shelving for all your devices and consoles. Any CD’s should be ideally stored in either a CD rack or boxes.


CD rack for living room

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