The all-white living room

Living room

The all-white living room


The all-white room trend has been around for a while and is the ultimate indication of class and good taste. If you are looking to decorate your entire living room in white, read on.

Furniture : From plush white- leather sofas, to furniture made out of white wood or covered in white upholstery, you will have a lot of options to choose from. It would be best to get some inspiration as to how to decorate your living room with white furniture by looking at pictures first. Survey your living area and think about what essentials you would need. Once you get these essentials, such as the couch, the coffee table, book shelves, or whatever you would define as being ‘your’ essentials, you could pick random pieces and accessories as you go along.

living room design with white sofa

white leather sofa design

Furnishings : In order to ensure that your all-white living room doesn’t look too drab, you would need to play with textures. This is what will add dimension and coziness to your living room. A crocheted throw blanket, multi-textured pillows and white self-printed drapes, will add a clean look to your living room.  You could also leave the windows bare, for a sophisticated and modern look.

multi-textured pillows white sofa

Don’t be afraid to add color, however. You can do this with your furnishings, if the all-white approach is too minimalist for you.

If you don’t add color to your white living room it will look like these

all-white living room

white living room

white living room design

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  1. David Ron

    November 14, 2014 at 10:55 am

    i think white is ok for living room but all-white is not works for me = )

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