Living room trends for 2019

Living room

Living room trends for 2019


Like the trends in 2014, the trends for the coming year revolves around contemporary chic, a variety of textures, bold and ethnic prints and the mixture of artistic shapes, to name a few.

Curvilinear furniture is in for the coming year, so expect to see soft curves and simple designs when it comes to furniture.

Even if you choose to go for something classic, you can make in trendy for 2019 by adding dramatic accents, either through your furnishing or accessories. Grays can be accented with teal or bright yellows, and pastel colors go well with white, for example.

With regard to material to be used, metals in shades of gold and bronze, light wood and the classic granite and marble would be highly popular. You can incorporate these materials through flooring, lighting fixtures and accessories such as vases or ornaments.

Pictures of nature, and other natural elements could be used to accentuate your living room further.

The color trends for 2019 include bright blues, shades of olive green, orange, pastel colors, warm grays and browns, and of course the classic colors, but with a splash of bright in order to give the room more oomph. You can choose your upholstered furniture, drapery and carpeting or rugs around these colors.

2019 color trends for living room

living room design for 2019

colorful living room design trend for 2019

blue color for your living room wall

IKEA’s New 2019 furniture Collection for living room

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