Scandinavian kitchen décor ideas


Scandinavian kitchen décor ideas


If you find your current kitchen boring and would like to go for décor that is uncommon and sophisticated, you should consider having a look at Scandinavian kitchens for some inspiration.

These kitchens are essentially modern, with clean and simple lines and minimalistic designs. When you see a Scandinavian kitchen the two words that will come to mind are ‘effortless’ and ‘chic’.

Whether you wish to go for a marble or painted backsplash, ensure that you go with a color and design that blends in with your cabinetry and other fittings.

You may choose to make a statement with metal-finished cabinetry and countertops, to give the kitchen a modern twist.

With regard to lighting, ensure that you have large windows that allow natural light to stream in. For other lighting, think fancy and sophisticated ceiling lamps or LED lighting for the cabinets.

Concrete and wooden flooring are dominant in such kitchens, with furniture such as bar stools or dining table chairs also ideally being made out of wood, preferable of lighter tones. Wooden details are a common element therefore, in every Scandinavian household.

Ensure that your color palette consists of grays, whites and neutral shades. Bold colors and designs are not a common feature in Scandinavian kitchens

Scandinavian Kitchen Designs

white modern Scandinavian Kitchen

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