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Kitchen décor on a budget


Are you looking to redo your kitchen? Here are a few budget-friendly tips.

An easy way to redo your ceiling lamps would be to paint them with beautiful designs, or use fabric tape to create a whole new look. You may also find cheap replacements for them at thrift stores.  Alternatively, you could switch to LED lights. While this may cost you a bit, they are actually an investment in the long run.

If a kitchen island is absolutely essential for your kitchen, consider going with something uncommon. You don’t have to always have the conventional marble-top , elaborate kitchen islands. Revamp an old table and use it instead.

There are plenty of DIY projects that you can take up do redo your kitchen walls or backsplash. This is sure to transform your kitchen completely. You can use wallpaper, or repaint the walls yourself. Alternatively you can do a mirrored backsplash by thrift-store shopping for the mirrors.


If you have vinyl bar stools in your kitchen, you can reupholster them with new fabric. If you have leftover vinyl from a previous project, mix and match the chairs, to add an urban feel to your kitchen.

Another great idea would be to repaint your kitchen cabinets with a different finish and replace the hardware. This can make your kitchen go from drab to sophisticate without actually doing much.

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