5 common kitchen décor errors to avoid


5 common kitchen décor errors to avoid


Almost everyone has regrets after they are done decorating their kitchen. Here are a few common mistakes that you can avoid.

  • It is always best for you to get the help of a professional when designing your kitchen. He will take into account the layout, floor plan and several other factors, that you probably have no knowledge about.

  • While your contractor should be the important person when it comes to designing your kitchen, you must communicate your requirements to him clearly, and stress that what you discussed and decided upon must be adhered to. Often people regret giving the contractor too much power.
  • Think of how many countertops you do actually require, from a practical point of view. It is a common mistake that many end up making, by not making enough allowance for their work area. Keep in mind that your appliances will also take up space.

  • It’s absolutely essential that you install adequate lighting. While it might be easy to get carried away with fancy lighting ideas, you must have lighting that is bright enough for you to read your recipes and to do any intricate work.

  • Do not pack your kitchen to the hilt. Whether it’s with pots and pans, food items or other tools, always ensure that you have enough space in the kitchen. There is no point stocking up on items that you will hardly use. Just ensure that you have the essentials.

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