A 1940’s Retro Theme For Your Kitchen


Most people prefer the retro theme when it comes to decorating their houses. You too can opt for a retro look for your kitchen. It’s quite unique and amazing. Here are some popular ways by which you can give your kitchen, a retro look.

Retro Kitchen Colors

There are a few famous colors from this time, which include white and red theme. If you are selecting this theme, you can opt for various accessories in red and white themes. Moreover linoleum flooring with an aesthetically beautiful checkerboard pattern looks fantastic.

red and white vintage kitchen design

red and white vintage kitchen

Kitchen Lighting

Keep it simple. It’s a best way by which you can make it authentic. Moreover, you can purchase wall sconces and vintage ceiling lights. Include a few modern lights in a collective manner to make it perfect.

vintage kitchen lighting idea

vintage kitchen lighting

Window Treatments for Kitchen

You can opt for vintage curtains of specific color for your windows. Moreover, you will be glad to know that you can buy tablecloth of different patterns. Since we are looking forward to 1940’s retro design, you can choose cherries or apple, as secondary themes for curtains.

red curtains for vintage kitchen

cherry curtains for vintage kitchen window

Retro Kitchen Furniture

You must opt for furniture which blends with the theme, you select. Glass knobs can enhance the beauty of your furniture. Moreover, if your cabinet is painted in white and cream, you can select green glass knobs.

furniture ideas for vintage kitchens

vintage kitchen furniture

Retro Kitchen Accessories

You can find accessories for 1940’s style kitchen at antique malls or shops. You can hang tea towels and vintage tablecloths around and soften up the environment.

vintage kitchen accessories

So by implementing these ways, you can give your kitchen, a retro look easily.

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