Doing up a Masculine kitchen


Doing up a Masculine kitchen


Regardless of whether or not you enjoy cooking, if you are a man and you live alone, you probably want to ensure that you have a functional kitchen that is also stylish and is ‘masculine’. Whether you like a minimalistic kitchen or an ultra-chic urban one, certain aspects of a kitchen can be tweaked to make it look more suitable for a man.

Ideally in terms of color schemes, you would want to go for black, white or navy. Dark colors look more masculine while also oozing sophistication. From cabinetry to light fittings, play with this color palette to ensure that your kitchen still remains well-coordinated and warm, even though it is used by a man.

Fixtures such as ceiling lamps, bar stools and door and drawer handles can be bought with a metal or steel finish. You may also opt to go for creative ceiling lamps to brighten up the place. Textured cabinetry and dark marble tops for your kitchen island, would be the perfect touch for your masculine kitchen.

You can choose to personalize your kitchen by adding a backsplash that is artsy, if you have an eye for interesting at pieces, or you may go for a brick neutral-colored backsplash. Your design should ideally be rough but well-coordinated.

Masculine Kitchen Designs

white and black masculine kitchen design

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