Designing an open kitchen


Designing an open kitchen


If you do opt to go for an open kitchen, you must carefully identify and define the parameters of your kitchen. Privacy should be considered, before you decide to go with this option.

With regard to cabinetry and shelving, you need to ensure that all your appliances and tools are well-hidden. If your kitchen open ups into your living room, you do not want people who come over to see all your items all over the kitchen, so hidden shelving whether in the form of sliding shelving unit, pull-out rack or hidden pantry, is absolutely essential.

A breakfast bar should ideally separate your kitchen from your living or dining area. As you won’t have four walls, it is this bar that will be placed as clear demarcation. Marble or wooden countertops can be used for the bar, as with your kitchen cabinet countertops.

Your kitchen design should be based on simple lines and elegant décor, because it will essentially be a public space, as opposed to a closed kitchen. Lighting should be soft, with different type of circuit lighting for your work space in particular.

For an open kitchen, you will need to have cabinetry with covered doors in the same material as the cabinetry itself, rather than glass doors. If you do wish to go for glass, frosted glass would be a great option, as it won’t be completely transparent.

Open Kitchen Designs


white small open kitchen decor

modern open kitchen design

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