Open Kitchen and Bar For Space and Comfort


Open Kitchen and Bar For Space and Comfort


Modern interior design necessitates a home that offers comfort, functionality, convenience and efficiency. Open kitchens and bar is a trend that has been embraced by both the young and old. Some of the simple facts on open kitchen and bar are as below:

  1. The most ideal open kitchen and bar designs are L-shaped or single walled designs because these designs save on space as it appears to be very spacious, are fashionable and compensate for lack of enough storage in the house. Open kitchens and bar interior designs are economic in terms of materials used to decorate the kitchen and the bar.
  2. Open kitchen and bar interior design offers one the comfort of having a bar inside their house Most of the home owners prefer this design because it allows them to invite their friends and family for socializing and partying as the space can accommodate a lot of people.
  3. The interior in terms of color for the kitchen and bar is very important. The kitchen areas can be white tiled with bright colored kitchen equipment and ware. The bar area can have bedazzled tile to brighten the whole kitchen and bar.
  4. The kitchen areas can have task lighting due to the activities undertaken in the kitchen whereas the bar area can have decorative lighting to bring in the partying mood. Large hanging pendant or chandelier can also be an option used for the bar areas in the event you want to use the bar for dining.
  5. The bar is not complete without a fully furnished and attractive sitting area the seating area that blends in with the living room furniture. Bar style chairs or bar stools that are plain but much with the kitchen colors is ideal. Multi colored seats can be used to add color to the bar if the furniture and house decoration are plain.
  6. Open kitchen offers partying and dinning option for all. It allows one to be at 2 places at the same time for example one can be cooking while at the same time partying with friends at the bar.
  7. With an open kitchen and bar you have the opportunity to showcase some of the decorations you have from utensils to wall hangings and bar cutlery making the house appear more appealing and warm at all time.

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