Useful Bathroom Design Tips and Ideas


Useful Bathroom Design Tips and Ideas


Here is the very Useful Bathroom Design Tips and Ideas, If you’re going to design your bahroom, you’ll need these ideas.

1) Pedestal Tubs : Pedestal tubs give a bathroom an elegant feel. Tubs like these are extremely popular because of the classic feel they give off. Handheld shower attachments are a popular option. You can also make a shower by attaching it to a a pole the comes out of the tub. You can look into your options at your local hardware store

blue bathroom design with pedestal tub

blue bathroom design with pedestal tub

2) Color : Avoid very dark colored tile in the bathroom. Although it might look very nice and coordinate well with stylish accents, cleaning is quite laborious. Film from soap and streaks from steam will have your tiles looking filthy even if you’ve just cleaned them. Opt for lighter and brighter colored tiles for a fresh and clean look in the bathroom.

bright bathroom design

bright bathroom design

3) Bathroom Wall : To update your bathroom, try adding a fresh touch to your vanity. You can go beyond just using paint. You can try looking into textured wallpapers. Some of these have some really fancy and modern designs that will add both color and texture to make your vanity look like brand new.


bathroom wall design with textured wallpaper

4) Potted Plants : You can add life and color to any room simply by adding potted plants. Try different types that bloom in various colors to coordinate with the decor of the room and you have an instant straight out of a magazine look. Greenery in the bathroom is especially nice if it is fragrant.

Bathroom Design with Potted Plants


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