Cool Ideas for Your Kids Bathroom


Cool Ideas for Your Kids Bathroom


The bathroom is one of the places in house that is hardly thought off when designing a house especially kids bathroom. As much as it’s the most neglected area it’s also the most important area in a house because it is where your day starts on a daily basis. Kid’s bathrooms have to be designed in a manner that is economic and at the same time friendly to the kids. Some of the ideas to attain this are:

Inbuilt baby toilets

In most homes the kids bathroom have the normal size of the toilet this means when the kids are young they have to use the potty when going for short and long call but this problem is now solved. Think of having an in build potty for the kids. These toilets are reachable for the kids and highly hygienic and once they become older they don’t have to be trained again on how to use the adult’s toilet because they have an idea.

Color theme

Kids are fond of cartoons, toys and they also have favorite colors. When doing the interior of their bathrooms it’s important that it is designed in accordance with their color preference. This will make the kids connect to the bathroom and be fond of it hence maintaining it as their own.

Bedazzled labels

Kids can be extremely clumsy and their bathrooms can turn into a dustbin or playground if not well maintained. To avoid clumsiness and to make your child more tidy and hygienic while in the toilet their toilets can be attractively labeled and partitioned in such way that they know where everything is kept after use.The labeling can be made more appealing by using mosaic, colorful beads, pebbles and marbles.


Coverable bathtubs

Children can also be very knotty and one place that can be hazard to them is the bathtub. They can drown or get injured while in the bathtub. To avoid such hazards, you can make there bathtubs to be in such a way that they can be covered after use. Plastic covers are ideal in this case because they’re easy to maintain, they can be decorated further using screen print or stickers and they are also durable.

Kids Bathroom Designs

underwater themed kids bathroom

colorful kids bathroom design

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