De-clutter your Bathroom


De-clutter your Bathroom


When you have plenty of stuff in the bathroom, the room looks much smaller than it is. Not just that, but space becomes a big challenge as well. Spending time in the bathroom ceases being enjoyable because let’s face it, no one enjoys knocking over things every time they turn to leave the room. Getting rid of items you do not need in the bathroom and sorting what’s left will eliminate all three problems.

Remove items
Any personal effects you are currently not using should be stored away from the bathroom, particularly if the room is tiny. It’s hard to locate your moisturizer on a counter full of bottles and more bottles. Put everything away in the cabinets, except products that you use every day.

Put as much out of sight as possible
Towels, cleaning and grooming products should stay inside cabinets, drawers and shelves. Leave only the times you use from day to day. When everything is kept out of sight, your bathroom will be neater and cleaner many times over.

Sort everything
It’s not enough to store everything away. If it is not sorted, it will just be one big mess. Avoid this by keeping like things together. Keep your cleaning products in one place, hair products together and skin care products together. Do the same to every other category of products and items you have.


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Make the three step above a regular part of your routine and you will enjoy a cleaner, nater and more spacious bathroom.

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