Before Setting Up or Remodeling your Bathroom


Before Setting Up or Remodeling your Bathroom


The classic role of the bathroom as a refreshing hub will not be changing anytime soon. As the room you go to unwind, relax, recharge and refresh, your bathroom will serve you better if it is well-equipped for its job. Before deciding what kind of tub, toilet, sinks or cabinets to have in the bathroom, consider these first.

The size of the bathroom

Just how big is the bathroom? This will determine the size of furniture and fittings you use in this room. It will not be practical to have a king size spa tub in a tiny bathroom. Likewise, a small shower area in a large bathroom will look out of place.

Your budget

You may desire the largest, designer bath tub, but can you afford it? Be realistic about what you are willing to spend on your bathroom and plan with this figure in mind. Take your time and be on the lookout for sales and auctions in order to spend less. Visit used furniture stores and flea markets and you might land yourself quality bathroom items at a bargain.

Go for durability

Before settling for a piece of furniture or furnishing for your bathroom, consider its value. Is it durable? How many years will it serve you on average? Choose long lasting pieces so you do not have to keep replacing items in your bathroom. It can get very expensive.

Before settling for a particular bathroom design, furniture or accessories, consider how much space it will need, its cost and how long it will last.

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