Christmas Decorations for your Windows


Christmas Decorations for your Windows


With all the revamping and decorating going on in the house and yard in readiness for Christmas, it is easy to forget about the windows. And the windows can feel bare when most of the other space in the house is lit up and covered in ornaments and decorations. These tips will help dress up your windows for Christmas and keep them at par with other room accessories.

Lights : Christmas lights are guaranteed to transform any space. Use them to instantly brighten your windows and make them more noticeable.

Flowers : Place them on vases, on the window sill and if you have them, on window boxes. Like lights, flowers brighten up any space and are a goodway to add color to your windows. You can go for the season’s staples – Christmas roses, hollies, Ivy, mistletoe. Combine them with evergreens and a few vases of cranberries and other fruit for a delightful, eclectic mix.


Candles : These too will make your windows more noticeable. They are the perfect way to create a balanced look if you’ve used very heavy décor in the house. Go for battery-operated candles with faux flames as they are not only safer, but also offer a variety of colored flames that you can enjoy.

Used on their own or in any combination, flowers, candles and lights on your windows will take the festive mood a notch higher. Only ensure that you use them on all your windows for a balanced look.

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