Creative Ways to Install Christmas Lights


Creative Ways to Install Christmas Lights


Christmas lights will brighten any room. In the outdoors too, their glitzy patterns add life to otherwise dull nights. There are countless ways that you can put up your Christmas lights, from setting up huge light displays to subtly lighting up small areas. Here are some ideas to fire up your imagination.

Word art lights : You will need a string of clear lights and canvas for this. Sketch a catchy word on the canvas and hang it on a visible part of the wall. Tack the string of lights along each letter on the canvas, taking care to ensure that the lights are well secured. The illuminated writing will stand out, creating a focal point that pulls the eye on entering the room. This can be done in any room, whether living room, kitchen or bedroom. It will look just as good on the porch too.

Illuminated frames:  Wrap the frame of a mirror or chalkboard in a string of lights and plug them in for a colorful display. Use a single string or double string in multiple colors depending on the effect you want to create.


Christmas tree lights : Complete your Christmas tree decoration with lights. Depending on the kind of display you want to put up, you can use miniature white lights, flashing lights, flicker-flames, bubble lights or twinkle lights.

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