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Nursery – The Place Where All Stories Take Shape


There comes a moment when we stop thinking at our personal lives. We choose to find a family and have kids. Then they become our first priority and everything we do, we do for them.  And since the little child needs to be spoiled we need to create a room for him just like he would desire.

While they are still young we usually decorate the room as we wish, but unfortunately they start growing and things usually change in a drastic way. They start looking at cartoons and live in a world of beautiful stories, whishing for their favorite character to be anywhere.

stylish nursery decor

white nursery design

It’s that moment in life when we need to make some changes in the room, though we like it or not. We must take care of our little new borne and make sure that he is happy with his room.  It’s very important to ask for his opinion about the colors we intend to use for the redecoration, the paintings on the wall and let’s not forget about the bed.

It’s a general good idea to paint the walls with his favorite characters, maybe in this way he won’t start drawing his own characters on the wall. In fact, in a corner of the room you can place a drawing board with a special crayon for the little one, to develop his future talents.

nursery wall decor

nursery wall design idea

Also let’s not forget about the gender. The rooms will be entirely different, according to the childs gender. While they are still young almost all girls dream about themselves being princesses. That means that you will need to paint the room in bright colors like orange, pink, red or even purple, like in fairy tales. That was for the girls, boys usually like stories with knights, cars and characters that are fighting most of the time. In a boys room you need to use colors like blue and green. The bed can take the shape of a car just like in the famous Cars cartoon.

nursery for girl

nursery for boy

In conclusion, girls usually prefer a more romantic room, while boys prefer a room with a strong touch of manhood.

nursery design idea

nursery decoration

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