Nursery Models and Decor Ideas

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Nursery Models and Decor Ideas


Usually nurseries are the place where kids will spend most of their time during the day. Among the multiple storage places, the room must be colorful and cheerful.

When you choose the design for this room you need to think about the furniture needs to be just right for his height and full of toys for him. But also you need to take into consideration some security measurements. For example if you know that he will be left alone during the day, you need be careful at the furniture’s edges so he won’t hurt himself during the time left alone.

If you want to stop him playing with certain toys, you can install high shelves on the wall so only you will have access to them. This way the little kid will be protected from possible injuries.

When they are young, kids have a good sense in the creativity area and speech. Of course, most of them will draw on the walls and cause general chaos in the room.  So as said in a previous post we would recommend you to install a drawing table on one of the walls just to prevent that from happening. This way they can develop their drawing talent without bothering you at all.

The sleeping room must be painted with favorite characters from stories and cartoons. That’s the main idea you need to take into consideration when you start painting the room. This way the child will feel safe among his favorite characters. It must be an interactive room so he will be busy all day long. If you have the possibility you can even install a small cradle, this way we can guarantee a smile on his face.

Let’s not forget the orientation of the room. It’s highly recommended for the nursery to be full of natural light, coming from outside rather installing different lamps across the room. If you have too much bright light, well you can install a window curtain and you will take care of this problem as well. Too much intense light can even harm a child’s eyes.


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