Bedroom design themes: Oriental vs. Contemporary


Bedroom design themes: Oriental vs. Contemporary


There are basically two themes which a designer makes reference to when designing your bedroom; oriental design theme and contemporary design theme. However, before I embark on the details, let’s make a point of familiarizing with the meaning of theme and theme-based design. Many people are aware the word exists but don’t know exactly what it entails.

Theme-based design is all about designing within certain specifications, framework and boundary. These specifications may include choice of color, items, material and general layout. Before getting to work, the designer has to know which theme they are working with. It will dictate the directions to take. Now that we are on the same lane on what theme is, let’s get underway to discuss the elementary types of bedroom design themes.

Oriental Design Theme: This theme emphasizes more on natural beauty, which is usually the best. It comprises some bedroom design themes such as rustic, vintage, and country, among others. Though many in the urban setting may not embrace it, it is wide spread in the countryside where there is a better concept of nature.  A lot of the natural life will be incorporate; plants, flowers, cones, etc. Since most countrymen have sprawling pieces of land, the building space is not a problem. Therefore, the houses will tend to be bigger, and consequently, so will the bedroom. It will require a lot of furnishing to avoid looking destitute; from tables, shelves to wardrobes. Interior decoration helps too. Oriental bedroom design themes use much of decoration to help fill spaces through bedecking and some heavy patterns for carvings, floor and other items.

Contemporary design theme: It developed as a result of change in housing requirements, which was brought about by the high influx of people moving into the urban areas. Homes and buildings had to be made simple to cater for the growing population. A simple home also uses simple designs. Bedroom design themes don’t have to be sophisticated and grand to be enticing. Having plain and regular shaped surfaces has a majestic effect of its own. However, being simple doesn’t mean that the space should be dull and subfuscous. The kind of decorations you employ depends on the architectural complexity of the house.


Bedroom Design Themes

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