Style Your Bedroom for Comfort & Relaxation


Style Your Bedroom for Comfort & Relaxation


Out of all the rooms, the bedroom is a place where you feel comfortable and relaxed, thus, while decorating it, pay special attention not to disturb these benefits. Out of the total hours you spend at home, half of them are in the bedroom, but still do not be in a hurry to pile everything into your room. It should be filled less with furniture and other stuff and filled more with comforts.

Let us discuss about some common mistakes, which could easily be avoided, when it comes to decorating your bedroom:-

Color Scheme

Although exerts would  suggest that you should have soothing colors on the wall, it is totally up to you to decide what you want your walls to wear. You can pick to get a single color on all the walls or get contrast to give a broader and bigger look. You can also seek professional advice for better results.

Once you have decided on the color of the walls, it is time to start selecting other things.


You can match the color of the curtains or use the same contrast, as is there on the walls. The second important thing to be kept in mind is the material of the curtains; it should not be too thin to reveal your privacy at the same time, should not be too thick to prevent natural light from coming into the room.



The bedroom is meant for sleeping. Thus, it is advisable not to clutter the room with unnecessary furniture. It should have a large bed, wardrobe, a dressing column and a night lamp, if possible. If you only have these things as this would provide you enough space to move around, in the room.

Wall Fixtures

Today, every room has one signature wall and remaining three are colored in single or contrast looks. If you are planning to get some fixtures, our suggestion would be to become, a little choosy. Use of paintings or couple photographs is in trend, these days.

Here, it is important to talk a specific wall fixtures, which, as per experts, should be avoided in bedroom and that is television.

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