Feng Shui Tips for Bathroom Design


Feng Shui Tips for Bathroom Design


If you believe in colour psychology, healing effects of Feng Shui, the theory of directions with regard to wellness, then, Feng Shui is for you. You can create positive energy even in bathrooms. You can enliven this space of your house. There are many Feng Shui items that can enhance your luck using the bathroom decor and placement.

Feng Shui in your bathroom

Use earthy and metallic colours for your bathroom. A bathroom in the west is ideal to enhance your luck. Keep the art and wall decor in shades of blue, grey, and silver. Your bathroom too has East, West, North, and South directions. You can choose to place red colour candles in the south direction of your bathroom, for instance.

You can use crystals, bath salts, essential oils in the bathroom. Salt removes the negativity and absorbs the bacteria from the bathroom. You can also add oval shaped mirrors and use fragrant flowers and lush indoor plants to keep the bathroom smelling good. You can place metallic wind chimes or metallic art in the wealth direction in your bathroom. Every individual has a wealth direction and this can be used in every room, including bathroom.

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