Creative Bathroom Tips for Any Space


You can have a contemporary and an eclectic looking bathroom for any kind of space, big or small, narrow or large. If you want to go contemporary and having something very exclusive, they might cost you a little more but are not very expensive at the same time. You will have a state of the art looking bathroom that speaks of your taste and splendid aesthetic sense.

Creative tips that give personality to your bathroom

You can have soap cases in ceramics that come in interesting shapes of animals, figurines, bathroom sets in leather, fleece, and amazing metallic prints. You can as well have sandy coloured brush holders in the shape of sea creatures like dolphins, or miniature of Easter islanders, tissue boxes in geometrical shapes of a home, or a chimney, etc.

To hang in your accessories like finger rings, earrings, bracelets, you will find miniature Eiffel tower and many other landmarks shaped holders. Most of them come for a price less than forty dollars and can be easily purchased online. Most of the home decor retail websites also run offers and discounts on many of these interesting bathroom items. You can interesting lights and vase as well.

contemporary bathroom

contemporary bathroom design

bathroom design

modern small bathroom

modern bathroom with television

large modern bathroom design

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